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Beth Jefers United States

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About me


Busy, busy, busy!
I am a teacher, wife, mother, chauffer, cook, maid, Cub Scout akela, daughter, sister aunt, friend, sports fan, etc. I am anything but bored!


I like almost all kinds of music. As a matter of fact, I wuld say that I LOVE music!

Movies and TV:

We dumped cable and satellite and just watch with an antenna or stream our TV from Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu+. This was a great decision!


I don't really like sports unless one of the kids in my family is playing. Fortunately, my hsuband doesn't really care for them either.


I enjoy visiting art museums, but I rarely get to go. I have been lucky enough to visit the Louvre, the Prada, and the Reina Sophia. You know, I never appreciated the work of Picasso until I saw it in person. If you ever get the chance to visit a world


I enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling. At least I used to enjoy traveling, and I think I will one day again when my son is old enough to enjoy it, too.


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